Top 10 Free AI Video Editing Software Every Video Editor Must Use

As video editing continues to evolve, AI tools are becoming indispensable for video editors. These free Video Editors can help streamline the editing process, enhance video quality, and add creative effects effortlessly. Here’s a detailed look at the top 10 free AI Video editing software every video editor should know about.

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1. DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve Video Editing Software
  • Overview:
    • DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video editing software used by professionals in the film industry.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-based Color Correction: Automatically adjusts colors for consistent quality.
    • Facial Recognition: Simplifies editing by recognizing and tracking faces.
    • Smart Reframe: Optimizes videos for different social media formats.

2. HitFilm Express

  • Overview:
    • A comprehensive video editing tool with professional-grade features.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-driven VFX: Enhances visual effects using AI technology.
    • Motion Tracking: Tracks moving objects to apply effects accurately.
    • 3D Compositing: Integrates 3D objects into videos seamlessly.

3. Shotcut

  • Overview:
    • An open-source video editor known for its wide range of features and flexibility.
  • Key Features:
    • Automatic Video Stabilization: Uses AI to smooth out shaky footage.
    • AI-based Audio Cleanup: Reduces background noise and enhances audio clarity.
    • Advanced Timeline Editing: Offers precise control over video and audio tracks.

4. Lightworks

  • Overview:
    • A professional video editing software with a robust free version.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-enhanced Rendering: Speeds up the rendering process.
    • Smart Trimming Tools: Makes cutting and trimming clips more intuitive.
    • Real-time Effects: Applies AI-integrated effects in real-time.

5. VSDC Free Video Editor

  • Overview:
    • A versatile video editor suitable for a variety of editing tasks.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-based Motion Tracking: Automatically follows and applies effects to moving objects.
    • Voiceover AI Tools: Enhances voice recordings with AI.
    • AI-powered Video Stabilization: Smooths out shaky footage for a polished look.

6. OpenShot

  • Overview:
    • A simple, user-friendly video editor with essential AI features.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-assisted Keyframe Animation: Automates animation of video elements.
    • Real-time Preview: Shows AI adjustments as you edit.
    • Background Removal: Uses AI to remove backgrounds from videos.

7. Blender

  • Overview:
    • Known for its 3D animation capabilities, Blender also offers powerful video editing tools.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-driven Effects and Simulations: Enhances visual effects with AI.
    • Advanced Compositing: Combines multiple video elements with AI assistance.
    • 3D Video Editing: Integrates 3D models into video projects.

8. VideoPad

  • Overview:
    • A free video editor that leverages AI for enhanced editing features.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-based Video Transitions: Creates smooth transitions between clips.
    • Enhanced Stabilization: Uses AI to correct shaky footage.
    • AI-driven Audio Effects: Improves audio quality with AI enhancements.

9. Kdenlive

  • Overview:
    • An open-source video editor with a wide range of advanced features.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-powered Color Grading: Automatically adjusts color balance and lighting.
    • Motion Tracking: Tracks objects and applies effects using AI.
    • Automated Effects: Uses AI to apply effects and transitions intelligently.

10. Avidemux

  • Overview:
    • A straightforward video editor with basic AI-enhanced tools.
  • Key Features:
    • AI-based Encoding: Optimizes video encoding for different formats.
    • Video Stabilization: Uses AI to smooth out video footage.
    • Simple AI Filters: Enhances video quality with basic AI filters.


Q1: Are these AI tools completely free?
A1: Yes, all the tools listed offer free versions. Some may have premium versions with additional features, but the free versions are robust and functional.

Q2: Do I need a powerful computer to use these AI tools?
A2: While a powerful computer can help, many of these tools are optimized to work on standard machines. It’s recommended to check the system requirements for each tool.

Q3: Can these tools be used by beginners?
A3: Absolutely! Many of these tools are user-friendly and come with tutorials and community support to help beginners get started.

Q4: Are there any limitations to the free versions of these tools?
A4: Some free versions may have limitations such as watermarks, export quality restrictions, or limited access to advanced features. However, they are generally sufficient for most editing needs.

Q5: How can I learn to use these AI tools effectively?
A5: Many of these tools offer tutorials on their websites. Additionally, platforms like YouTube have numerous guides and tutorials created by experienced users.

Q6: Can I use these AI tools for commercial projects?
A6: Most of these tools can be used for commercial projects. It’s advisable to check the licensing agreements of each tool to ensure compliance.

Q7: Do these tools support collaboration with other editors?
A7: Several tools like DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks support collaboration features. Check the specific tool for details on collaboration capabilities.

Q8: Are there AI tools specifically for mobile video editing?
A8: Yes, some tools like KineMaster and Adobe Premiere Rush (not listed above but worth mentioning) offer mobile versions with AI features for editing on the go.

Q9: Can these tools help with social media content creation?
A9: Yes, many of these tools offer features tailored for social media, such as smart reframing and optimized export settings for various platforms.

Q10: How often are these AI tools updated?
A10: The update frequency varies by tool. Open-source tools like Kdenlive and Shotcut often have active communities that contribute to regular updates, while others may follow a more structured release schedule.

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