GTA VI latest leaks and updates

Manni L. Perez is portraying Lucia in GTA VI. Her voice and face matches with the game's protagonist.

The 25th anniversary artwork for rockstar was just leaked and it's packed with soo many incredible details including possible hints to GTA VI

A real life recreation of GTA VI trailer was uploaded on ANDREW LEVITT youtube channel, and the fans are loving it because of it's being very similar to the original trailer.

GTA VI map size will be 3 times bigger than it's previous title  GTA V

We could see images or Information related to trailer 2 in APRIL or MAY 

GTA VI preorders will start before 31st March 2025, before ending of the fiscal year.

One report says GTA VI could be delayed to 2026 as a fallback option with Fall 2025 now being targeted by employees at Rockstar.